Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A New Seedling

Last Saturday was a gorgeous spring day; sunny with blue cloudless skies. I arrived at the newly renovated 300 building of De Anza High School, with about twenty-five minutes until the start of Don's tutorial presentation. I quickly spotted the grand, white Ivy League Connection banner attached to the front of about seven-feet, black-iron gates. Thanks very much to Don, I think most of us did not have much trouble finding the entrance. Overall, De Anza's High School campus is a well modernized-structure, superbly clean and equipped with good computers. I am grateful the school allowed us to use their computer labs. Soon, all IlCers arrived in class. We were more than ready to learn and work.

First, Don handed us all a thick ILC Tutorial Agenda packet discussing important topics we will need to follow and understand. Our agenda was mainly on how to create/write great blogs about each milestone event, such as attending School Board meetings and formal dinners leading up to our summer Ivy League Pre- college program. Also, I learned how to format blogs using justification, while learning how to take crisp photos by holding your elbows closer to your upper body or leaning against a solid structure for support. This information was very interesting and new to me. I tried to remember it all during the presentation, at the same time it all felt challenging and new to me. 

After writing our practice blogs, Don spoke to us of the major difference of a phone camera and a professional camera and how to share our great photos on MediaFire. He told us of enhancing our photos by cropping it or using brightness/contrast settings in PhotoShop. We practiced taking photos outside and inserting them in our blogs. Soon, we all took a snack break of Red Vines, chips, and water bottles that Don generously provided for us. It gave me some more energy during the tutorial.

Also, Don informed us of what we should pack in our luggage for our summer college classes at an Ivy League Institution. As Don finished up the tutorial presentation, I felt excited and a little anxious with all our responsibilities in the Ivy League Connection.

Although, this journey in the ILC will be at times challenging, I want to learn and take on these tasks.

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  1. Who is that smiling beauty holding up the building? I love that photo.

    I know that these tutorials can be mentally draining. It can’t be the most exciting information to listen to. It’s only because in years past we sent our ILCers off to their schools without the proper preparation that we decided to sit you down and give you the basics.

    I see differences even from this tutorial so it tells me that they have some value.

    Plus, we now have this great photo.