Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Countdown Begins

During this tutorial session, I gained a lot of information about what to expect in the following months. This includes city council meetings, family dinners, school board meetings, and preparations for the trip. Don also explained to us the differences between each of the schools which gave me an idea of what to expect in my dorm. Unfortunately, Brown University is well-known for having the worst dorms with the most unsanitary bathrooms. I am not complaining because I am grateful for having the chance to go to Brown for free thanks to ILC sponsors.

As we were going through the lists of things that we needed to bring, I realized that most of the things were going to be available for us to borrow from Don. In addition to this, those that meet certain qualifications could be paid fifteen dollars a day during their trip. I feel extremely fortunate and relieved to be provided with a lot of support and to not have to worry about paying for anything.

We also had a chance to post up our own pictures on Don's practice blog. Thanks to Don, I got to use his expensive camera to take pictures of De Anza High School.

Every time I go to an ILC meeting, I feel the same adrenaline that I felt when I got accepted to attend the Women and Leadership program at Brown University this summer. It is a bit too early for me to believe that this is truly what is happening.

Even though the path to my summer at Brown has just begun, I understand that my scholarship could be taken away at an instant if I am not a responsible ILCer. I have come too close to an opportunity of a lifetime to lose my scholarship. 

Here are more pictures from today:
Carson Lian in his natural habitat

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  1. I'm so glad you could join us, YeonSoo. I applaud how you all were able to sit through that lengthy session. Like many subjects, it was information that needed to get out to you but, for the most part, there was nothing sexy or exciting about it.