Saturday, March 29, 2014

Well...There Goes my Saturday Morning

Gusty winds and pouring rain didn't stop me from getting to DeAnza High School for the ILC tutorial early Saturday morning. In fact, the only thing that was worse than the forecast would be Evil Don and his cousin, Guantanamo Don. I'm pretty sure that nobody would want to meet those two, which is why I made sure I would make it on time.

I arrived at DeAnza with my my mom at around 8:15. As we drove past the school, I caught a quick glimpse of the Ivy League Connection banner attached to a gate. I quickly informed my mom, and we made
The Classic ILC banner
a quick U-turn to that building. Thank goodness for the banner as it saved us some time and prevented my mom and I from frantically searching the whole school to find the computer lab. 

After everyone arrived on time, we proceeded with the tutorial. Don handed us a thick packet with all the tips for blogging and strict rules for every ILCer known to man. According to Don, we have to pay for the sins of previous ILCers, whom were the incentives for these new rules. At first, I was pretty lonely since there weren't any of the Brown II individuals from Kennedy or anyone that I was close with to chat during this tutorial session. So I just sat on a computer by myself minding my own business. However, one of the ILCer's computer decided to malfunction, so she made her way to the next available computer, the one next to mine. From there a new friendship arose. I met two ILCers during today's tutorial, Lisa and Monica from the Columbia program. We chatted and exchanged laughs during the snack break and we even took photos together for our blogs. This was the highlight of my day, since I really love meeting new people. 

I've always wanted to blog but never found time or subjects to actually write about. With the ILC however, I finally have an opportunity to blog about important events and various subjects. My Saturday morning could have consisted of more sleep, video games, or maybe even chill with friends. Instead of doing all of that, I attended an event that was more important, and one that can assist me in the near future.

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  1. Doesn't anyone actually look at the maps I send out? You know the one I'm referring to. The satellite view with the big pink arrows pointing right at the gate where the banner was located? Yeah--that's the one. So tell us all again how you might have trouble finding where to go.