Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tutorial Oh My

Today I was a part of Session 2 of the tutorial, which meant I had to show up at one o’clock this afternoon at De Anza High School. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon but it was also very hot outside. However, inside we were fortunate to have air conditioning in the classroom. 

Finding the computer class was very easy. I like the fact that there was a huge “Ivy league Connection” poster. When I entered the class I was hugely impressed that by the school’s new computer lab. There were about 54 items on the agenda, which meant it was going to be a long afternoon.

Today was a very productive day. I learned how to use my blog, I made a funny practice blog with interesting pictures and I learned how to post pictures on my blog the right way. Also I learned about the little details for writing in my blog--for example, what format to use.

Don went over a lot of information; he also discussed upcoming events like the School Board meeting. Also he discussed details about our trips like what to bring and what not to bring, along with how to act and how not to act. My entire tutorial went smooth with no problems. I left with the confidence to feel free to write on my blog, make my blog look good and make it more personal.

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  1. I’m especially looking forward to seeing you grow in the ILC, Izabel. You have such great potential and the Women & Leadership program is right up your alley.