Saturday, March 29, 2014

And it Begins...

From the moment I woke up this morning, I had a feeling that it was just going to be one of those typical, gloomy, overcast days.  My alarm clock went off and as usual, I immediately hit snooze and went straight back to sleep. The second time around, I begrudgingly got out of bed and went through my morning routine. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after I had already changed, put on my makeup, and started eating breakfast did I notice the time: I had accidentally set my alarm for 5:30! Now with an extra hour of time on my hands (that I could have used sleeping!), I decided to get an early start on my homework. As it turns out, math is significantly more difficult when you're fighting hard to stay awake. So naturally, I left my work to be done another time and went to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee.  After that, my day became substantially easier.

A little later in the morning, Julia (ILC at Penn) came to pick me up so we could carpool to the tutorial session.  After we arrived at De Anza, we were immediately handed sizable packets filled with the do's and don'ts of The Ivy League Connection, a decent number of which are based off of past ILCers' misbehaviors. So it goes without saying, that I immediately read through the list to see if any of them might be  people I know (I have an extremely vague idea who a couple of them could possibly be based on, but who knows?) Anyways, from there we went on to cover the basics of blogging and it turns out that a lot more thought and planning has to go into the writing blogs than I had originally imagined. I had foolishly assumed that it would be similar to twitter because, after all, it is advertised as a micro-blogging site…
To have a clearer idea of the weather, here's a picture
Throughout the tutorial session, I could faintly hear my phone buzzing, but unwilling to face the wrath of "Guantanamo Don" I left my phone unchecked in my purse.  After the session was over, I checked my notifications, which were mostly just from my older brother. It turns out that as I was forced to face the miserable drizzly Bay Area weather, my brother was at Huntington Beach in Los Angeles experiencing beautiful, sunny, 85˚ weather. Typical. 

For now, I can only hope that the weather in Rhode Island would be a relative improvement to my rainy situation, and I can't wait until I finally get there!

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  1. Don't spend too much of your time trying to figure out which of your friends might be the reason for some of the rules. We have a lot of ILCers who you've never met and it could easily be one or m ore of them or even a composite of ILCers.

    My suggestion is to stay focused so that you're not used as an example for future ILCers. :-)