Sunday, March 30, 2014

Learning Something New Everyday

Saturday morning was Session 3 and 4's tutorial for managing our blog sites. This is one of my very first blogs for Brown's Women and Leadership blog site. During the tutorial we went over the main points that I should know about blogging in general. We went over inserting pictures, correct formatting for the blog and proofreading our blogs, that everyone will be able to see around the world. That is the most nerve wrecking part, hoping that you do not make a mistake in your blog for the whole world to see and make fun of you, but Saturday's tutorial taught me and assured me that I will not do anything embarrassing in my blogs.

Don making sure I stayed focused.
The tutorial Saturday was very informing and helped me gain a lot more confidence when it comes to my blogging. When I first went into the tutorial I was very tired and anxious for the tutorial to begin. The first half went very quickly and the second half was a little slower but nonetheless it was very informing. I got to meet new people, I had to remember that this was an informational Ivy League Meeting and I was here not to socialize, I was here to learn to blog. This was not that hard to remember with me sitting directly in front of Don and having him stare at me the whole time. 

At the end of the tutorial I felt very comfortable with the idea of blogging and my next task was to go home and blog, and here I am sitting in my room going over all of the basics about blogging that Don taught me. My very first time blogging anything in my life, thanks to the Ivy League Connection and to Don, I am doing something new in my life and so far I am enjoying blogging. 

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  1. What did I tell you, Jessie, about the importance of maintaining eye contact and moving your head so you can look int the eyes of everyone on the room? You thought I was staring at you but many of the others commented similarly so this should validate what I've told you.