Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oralia's Kitchen Adventure

Today was the great day to get together with the Brown 2 Cohort and meet our chaperone  At first I was a little uneasy with meeting her but now that I have I am in love with her. Jenny is an amazing person, she is a teacher with a fresh attitude with a real enthusiasm to teach and encourage the students around her. Everyone enjoyed her personality and what she brought to the table; it was also amazing to get to see my cohort once again and to get to know them better. 

Getting to my dinner date with my cohort and chaperone was a little difficult, I drive in El Cerrito constantly and have never heard of Oralia's Kitchen, so I got lost and was ten minutes late. But finally using amazing technology created by mankind (GPS) I found my destination and was welcomed with smiling faces. Meeting with my cohort and chaperone in a casual, comfortable atmosphere and talking about our experiences, wishes and backgrounds has truly got me excited to go to Brown and take full advantage of the opportunity presented to me, listening to some of the backgrounds of my cohort has given me an understanding of the skills I wish to acquire from the Women and Leadership course at Brown. It was amazing meeting my chaperone Jenny and to see my cohort. I cannot wait for the big dinner in San Francisco!

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  1. Isn’t anyone going to thank us for selecting such a great cohort or for selecting such a great chaperone? Do you all think things like this just happen?

    I tell you we get no respect. :-)