Friday, May 2, 2014

Pupusas? Don't Mind If I Do

Louisiana Fried Chicken?
How did Jenny know that I loved pupusas? She didn't. I guess that's just how everything works out. Today was the day we finally got to meet and have dinner with our chaperone, Jenny, at Oralia's Kitchen. It was a bit difficult for everyone to locate the restaurant, even with a GPS. You can bet that it was the "Louisiana Friend Chicken" sign that threw us all off. 

I was second to arrive, right after Izabel. Magaly and Cynthia shortly joined us. Jenny arrived soon after wearing her bright, red dress accompanied with a huge smile on her face. She approached and gave everyone a big Ivy League hug. Her presence quickly enlightened the room, and from there on, I knew that she was the perfect chaperone for us. Her sense of humor and optimism was all that I could ever ask for and she quickly gave us a great first impression. 
It's actually Oralia's Kitchen

Jenny was accompanied by another student, Alicia, who also attended Brown's Women and Leadership course last summer. We asked her questions about the program and activities that she did during her attendance in the program last year. She talked about the inferiority of women and how they are portrayed much differently than men in the media. According to her, there were also many group activities as well as small competitions which made the program very fun, since you get to meet loads of people. I'm so glad that Jenny brought Alicia with her, as it helped me become more prepared and excited for my summer at Brown.

Overall, this dinner was a success and one of the funnest that I've ever been in. Eating pupusas, while hanging out with some of the best girls in the world is definitely a night to remember. I recall Alicia saying that she thought that we all went to the same school. She was very surprised with the strong bond that we have as a group and I truly believe that it will get stronger later on. It's funny, I've never met half of these girls until this year, but now I feel like I've known them longer. I guess you can all us the Women and Leadership sisters at Brown. I'm looking forward for a fun summer with them.

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  1. I’m reading blog after blog from the W&L gals and I’m seeing a recurring theme in that hosting this dinner was a great idea and selecting Jenny to be your chaperone was an even greater idea. Since both of those were my ideas I guess that makes me pretty great.

    It was Jenny, though, that had the great idea to bring Alicia and it seems that was a HUGELY great idea.

    It just seems there’s a whole lot of greatness going on here.