Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Group Gathering a Go!

Today was the beginnings of a hectic week. With the AP World test happening tomorrow, I desperately wanted the School Board Meeting at Lavonya Dejean Middle School to be as quick as possible. Luckily that did happen, and it surprisingly was a delightful day. 

My dad and I arrived at the school around 5:20 PM; however, we parked in the wrong parking lot. It caused quite the confusion but once I was able to see Chiamaka Nwadike, a Vanderbilt cohort, I began to calm down. Coming to the middle school was exciting because there were numerous vans parked outside. I was surely getting excited and soon everyone came in. 

During the meeting, I sat with my fellow cohorts as we listened to the guest speakers. One of the guest speakers Tamilyn Chen from Hercules High School presented her speech of experience and gratitude. She is a senior and will be attending Harvard University this upcoming school year. Tamilyn gave tips, such as blogging everyday, and thanked the founders of the Ivy League Connection for the wonderful opportunity. When she ended, the meeting went along as chaperons and speakers from each college presented themselves. Everything went in alphabetical order, meaning that the W&L program was second. Cynthia Ramirez was a great speaker and representative. She made an impressive move to not have a written speech and spoke from her heart. Everything she said, I supported and nodded my head in agreement. She talked about how she wanted women to be seen as equal and to show everyone how capable women are. She did an amazing job and soon everyone finished their speeches and it was time to take our photo.

Taking the photo was both fun and hectic. The chaotic part of it was the fact that some of the covers were falling apart, some faces were being covered, and some heads were moving like crazy. After twenty shots from the talented Don Gosney, my dad and I bursted out of the multi purpose room to go home. Once in our car , we found ourselves a few inches away from a car crash. My dad and I were driving a green light when another car was going towards us. Keep in mind that the light was red for the other car. The driver made eye contact with us and drove off as if nothing happened. The ride home was a journey of cautiousness. 

'14 Ivy League Cohorts and Parents. Don't we look beautiful? 

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