Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bonding over Pupusas

Earlier today, I was feeling really nervous about meeting my cohort's chaperon, Jenny. However, as soon as I arrived at Oralia's Kitchen, I realized that I had absolutely no reason to be worried… Jenny is amazing! She really made an effort to connect with all of us individually--not just as a group, and I feel like everyone really appreciated it.  I also had the chance to get to know my cohort better and to find out what we have in common with each other.  

Since I will be missing my 2-week soccer conditioning camp (basically we run sprints for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week), I made plans to go for runs with Jagjeet, to go lap swimming with Thao, and to play soccer with Jenny (as long as it won't be too hot outside). Hopefully, I can convince Maria to teach me how to play basketball! Well, if her knee is up to it… I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

I have a really good feeling about this group of girls, and I can't wait to go to Brown with them!
A quick selfie with Jenny

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  1. I keep reading these blogs that have 'Pupusa' in the title but all you write about is Jenny. As much as I love good food, it sounds like I need to refocus my attention elsewhere.