Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Special School Board Meeting

A quick selfie before I left my house
Today I attended the WCCUSD's School Board meeting, held in the cafeteria of Lavonya Dejean Middle School in Richmond California. When the meeting first started I was surprised at the amount of people  that showed up and was glad to see so many supportive parents in the audience. 
My beautiful mother in the back
I was accompanied by my mother, Magdalena, seen in the photo above. After we got home she talked about how proud she was of my accomplishments. I was really happy that she felt that way about me.
I think Jenny was a little nervous

Our chaperon Jenny had to give a speech to the School Board, I think she was nervous but if that was me I would feel the same way. I loved the example she gave about one of her Spanish 3 students, and talked about how this program allowed her to grow, have a voice and be heard. Cynthia Ramirez gave a beautiful speech on behalf of Brown-II which was great and really talked about what she wanted from this experience.
Don going crazy trying to run down his flags
Sometimes I think Don's job, never stops. There he is running around trying to collect all the flags back from the students. 
Magaly and myself
I got the opportunity to take a picture with Magaly Rodriguez, we were both a little disorientated from all the flash coming from the camera after taking about 30 pictures. 
The Women & Leadership Ladies
The Brown ladies got to show off their certificates to their parents: there I am with the blue blazer smiling and showing off my accomplishment with my cohort that is Brown-II.

I saved the best for last: a preview to next year's Ivy League Connection picture, can’t wait to see it in my school's office and in the college and carrier center in my school's library.
Preview to next year’s Ivy league Connection picture    

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  1. How did we get by in the days before cellphones when we didn't even know what a selfie was?