Thursday, May 15, 2014

San Francisco One Market Brown Dinner

I never thought that I could meet so many amazing people in one night, never thought that I could hear about so many different back grounds and different stories, all in a night. Today all of the Brown Cohort went to a dinner in San Francisco, we all went to One Market there was amazing food there. The dessert especially had me super excited but what also had me excited was all the different people I got to meet. I met Mr. Jonathan Speed; he is a Brown Alumni who graduated class of '84. Speaking with him was super informative, not only did I learn about the things to expect from Brown but life in general. I got tips on how to approach job opportunities and making connections with the world, and what employers are looking for now days. 

Being able to connect with people who are very important in our society was a huge privilege, listening and understanding all of the knowledge they have obtained and they are hoping to pass on was exciting. After the school board meeting and today's dinner I cannot wait to go to Brown! I want the summer to be here so I can learn and come back and teach my community. Tonight has inspired me even more to pursue my dreams and while I am at it, encourage others to do the same. Tonight was amazing a night I will never forget! 

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