Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Blog About the School Board Meeting

Earlier this evening, all of the ILCers gathered together for the first time to be presented at the WCCUSD's School Board meeting. There was a brief introduction and we were soon seated, all of the students (and chaperones) were anxiously awaiting their cohorts to be called. Each cohort was represented by their chaperones and one student speaker, and these speeches all exceeded my expectations for high schoolers (especially Cynthia, her speech for representing my cohort was amazing and heartfelt). 

After the presentations, Don gathered up all the chaperones, students, and parents for a group photo. As it turns out, arranging people for a group picture is a lot harder than I originally thought. Between constant shuffling, shifting of the decorations, and fixing hair (sorry about that...) it's a miracle that we finally got a group photograph! Afterwards, we received our certificates and took one last photo of our cohort.

I'm beyond excited for the college tours (especially for the schools in New York, fingers crossed for a Broadway play...) and I can't wait to finally get to Brown!


  1. Sorry to comment I just wanted to let you know I am a huge fan of Broadway; one of my favourite choir concerts I have ever been in was that in which all the songs were from famous Broadway plays.

  2. I thought that everyone did a great job last night but, like you, I was especially proud of Cynthia. I was already a big fan of the W&L course but Cynthia nailed it when she gave everyone a heads up about the changes that are a coming.