Friday, May 2, 2014

Louisiana Fried Chicken?

I walked through the open glass door of Oralia's Kitchen, a small Mexican/Salvadorean restaurant located in El Cerrito near the Del Norte BART station, and was greeted by many happy, smiling faces of my Women and Leadership cohorts, our chaperon Jennifer Azucena, and Alicia Green, an ILCer who attended Brown's 2013 Women and Leadership class. I felt a wash of relief mixed with excitement as I met and exchanged hands with our charismatic chaperone Jennifer, then was seated between Alicia and Cynthia. Today, my high school had a Badminton game away at Richmond High school so right after my match, I went home at around 4:50 and rushed getting ready to be there at 5:30 PM. It did not take long to spot Oralia's Kitchen sign held by a tall metal pole, although it did take a slightly more amount of time searching for the restaurant, in all I showed up ten minutes later.
Orelia’s Kitchen although it clearly says “Lousiana Fried Chicken"

I spoke with Alicia who had attended Brown University Women and Leadership class through the Ivy League Connection last summer. Alicia spoke about her wonderful and transforming experience, she had through the privileges of the Ivy League Connection. She spoke briefly of how women are portrayed in popular upbeat music, how we mostly hear the rhythm instead of the actual words referring to men having the control over women as in the song 'Blurred Lines' by Robin Thicke. I had not paid so much attention to the mass media portrayal, as it seems so normal in our lives, although today it really opened up my mind to it.

Alicia and Me

Overall, having dinner at Oralia's Kitchen was interesting where we all gathered to speak together about our upcoming Brown dinner in San Francisco, blogging, responsibilities in preparation for Brown.   

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  1. It sounds as though it doesn't matter what the sign said it was the people inside that made the place jump.