Friday, May 2, 2014

The Perfect Chaperone

Seeing my chaperone in person is probably one of the best things that happened all week. Jen picked me up from Starbucks with her fancy GPS and two other girls, Alicia and Thao. Thao is one of the other girls I will be going to Brown with and Alicia attended ILC at Brown just last year. The moment Jen saw me she had the biggest smile on her face and came over to give me a hug.  From then on, I knew that she was the perfect chaperone for this trip. It’s definitely a relief to know that I will be traveling with someone who is as energetic and caring as Jenny.

When Jen’s GPS indicated that we were already at Oralia’s Kitchen, we couldn't find it anywhere around us. So Jen parked her car next to a sidewalk and walked around to ask people for directions. Right when I was about to turn on the GPS on my phone, I saw a huge sign with the words “ORALIA’S Fresh Salvadoran Eatery KITCHEN.” As we headed towards the sign, we realized that Oralia’s Kitchen was located in a place called Louisiana’s Famous Fried Chicken. No wonder why we had trouble finding it.

At Oralia’s Kitchen, we had Jenny’s favorite food, pupusas. I’m glad that we didn't eat something that we normally get, like pizza. Everyone enjoyed the food and exchanged phone numbers. We went around introducing each other once again. We included our school name, grade, favorite food, and favorite dessert. Talking about brownies, strawberries, pasta, and senorita bread made us all hungry even with delicious food in front of us. Later on, Alicia talked about her experience last summer and gave us her advice based on the things that went wrong during her trip.  One thing that really got to me was a story of when she didn't realize one of her cohorts was in need of medical help because of her desire to win. It taught her that winning a competition is not worth more than helping a friend in need.   

Alicia told us that she was surprised by how friendly everyone was towards each other although we only met a couple of times. I agree with her. It’s strange. I met these girls not so long ago, but I feel as if I've known them for a pretty long time. I am looking forward to Women and Leadership at Brown this summer.  
Smiling for the pupusas.

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  1. Once again I find myself so envious of you all. These blogs are EXACTLY what we want to read. Not only are you writing about the great food but you’re writing about the trip and the events that happened during the trip. It was almost as if I was there--except you all got to eat some pretty good food.