Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thanking The School Board

Today, May 14, 2014 all of the Ivy League gathered at Lovonya Dejean's Cafeteria for a meeting with the school board . It was very easy to find my way in because I once attended that school at one point. When I arrived I quickly found some of my cohort , as usual it was as if we've been talking all along. As people began to arrive the school board members began to take their seats and all the cohorts began to gather up with each other. We were told by Don the instructions on what to do , and how quick everything should be done.

Once everyone was seated they began calling up the cohorts. My cohort was called up second, we were the larger group there. As we walked up, we stood with our head held high and very proud of ourselves. Our chaperone Jenny began our short speech. She introduced us and herself as well. She told the school board and audience where we'd be attending in the summer. She mentioned how women and men are equal, but yet, there's on 20 female senator and 80 male senators? No sense right . 

After she gave her speech she introduced me. I had the honor to represent my cohort and speak on behalf of them. I introduced myself to everyone and mentioned how glad I was that the Ivy League Connection chose me and my peers to attend Brown University.  I also mentioned how my fellow peers and I feel that we are capable of more than what others think of us. I also mentioned that once my cohort comes back we won't be the same as how we are now. I guaranteed everyone there that we'll come back very outspoken and proud of being women in our community.

Throughout the whole speech I was really nervous because I did not have a speech written like everyone else but I'm glad I spoke from my heart. After hearing everyone's speeches , I felt really proud of our district. After so much talking we began to prepare for the photos. Parents were taking photos until Don said they were part of it too. All of a sudden Evil Don appeared for quite a minute, just simply to get everyone ready for the photo. About five minutes later we were done. Once we headed outside we were given our certificates and took pictures. After all it was a very nice sunny day, it was a pleasure to sit below the school board and allow them to hear our speeches. It was also nice seeing my cohort and chaperone. I know I'll never thank the Ivy League Connection enough for giving me such a great opportunity and treating me as a young adult. I'm more then excited now to attend Brown this summer with the support of y chaperone, Don, and the school board.
Here's a picture of my Brown Cohort.

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