Thursday, May 1, 2014

Partying with Pupusas!

Today was the day of the meet-up with the lovely Jennifer Gilbert, our chaperon. We all arrived at Oralia's, a Salvatorian restaurant located in El Cerrito. To our surprise, the name of the restaurant did not correspond to the name on the building. This led to many confusions, but in the end it was a new adventure. 

Our main dish was pupusas, Jenny's favorite. This was my first time eating Salvatorian food so I was very excited. The pupusas came out freshly cooked and steaming. I ate the cheese pupusa which melted when I dissected it with my knife and fork. To add more flavor, I added a splash of fresh salsa and that gave the dish the right amount of deliciousness. In the end, I was only able to eat one pupusa but I happily accepted the multiple drinks provided. I mainly consumed the cantaloupe melon drink that had the right amount of sweetness to satisfy me on this hot day. 
Try Out the Savory Salvatorian Pupusas!
During this meet up, I learned a few more things about my cohorts and Jenny. What I learned was how we had a different savory and sweet food. It was quite pleasing to know that we all have a variety of foods that we like to enjoy. This was the right place for us to bond because food brings people together

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  1. This is my own backyard and I never knew this place existed. What a treat.

    Sounds like you all had a pretty nice time, too.