Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Fantastic Evening

Today, May 15, 2014 the entire Brown cohort gathered at the El Cerrito Plaza BART Station at approximately 5:20 PM. I arrived just minutes before the time given. When I got there I immediately found everyone since everyone was so dressed up in an ordinary formal way. I was given BART tickets by Don for me and my mother. After everyone arrived we were given instructions to not leave from our cohort.

As we rose up on the escalator everyone began talking to different people from the other cohort and also alumnis. Through the BART ride was very packed since there was a Giants game going on. I met a junior at Hercules, Jing-Yi Ching, and I learned some stuff about her. I learned that she will be taking the Macroeconomics course at Brown. She told me how stressed she was about all the AP tests in which I agreed with her. Like me she got accepted to Brown on her first interview. We both discussed how the Ivy League Connection has given us adult responsibilities to check our emails, blog, and send our applications. 

While BART took us to San Francisco I discussed more with the young lady from Brown. After a while we arrived in San Francisco. We all took our Clipper cards out and scanned them so we can get out. We walked about a block to get to our destination.

When we arrived at One Market we were immediately escorted back towards a reserved room. As we walked to the back I saw what I would call a fancy restaurant. When I got to the dining area I began going up to random alumni and sponsors. As I talked to them and mentioned how proud I was to be part of the program we were given appetizers and beverages. 

After so much conversating we were finally seated by Charles Ramsey. At my table we had an alumni, Brown students, and parents. Madeline began introducing everyone. All the Brown students were to stand up and say their name, school, grade, and which course they'll be taking. Thanks to her I got to see who's who. After she spoke we had our lovely speakers come up and say a few words on behalf of our cohorts. Arnold and YeonSoo clearly thanked everyone there on behalf of all of us. They mentioned how we would all bring back something to our community such as being good leaders. I loved how they didn't prepare a speech they just got to it. After they talked more alums talked a while. I don't quite remember everyone's name but a man went up and talked about how when he was at Brown he made good friends in which they're still very close which means making partnership.

After he talked Mr. Ramsey gave us an impactful speech. He told us how proud he was and how excited he is to see how we will help our community. He talked and talked as any school board president would do so. Finally he told us that we didn't do this on our own, throughout the whole way he was here for us as well as sponsors and coordinators. After so much talking he let us enjoy our food.

Everyone began with salads, which were delicious. Then we chose out entree I choose the Hibault, which was small fish cut and done perfectly and designed. After that we got desert it was a small scoop of ice cream on top of some sort if cookie with strawberries. During our dinner we talked to alumnis and learned how when they were at Brown they didn't my want to leave since it was so much to do there. I had the honor to sit next to Beilul, a sophomore at Brown University. She was in the Ivy League Connection for two years and attended Columbia and Cornell Universities. She mentioned that when she went she came back she was the same person but she had a different perspective on life in a good way.

After speaking and enjoying our dinner with everyone we had to take our traditional picture . We were in a small not so good lighting area but we still managed to take our lovely photo. On our way back home everyone laughed and talked about how out dinner went. I can honestly say that as the days and events go by I do not regret joining the Ivy League Connetion and thank Madeline, Don, Mr. Ramsey and everyone else for helping us out throughout the whole journey. I expect much more from the program and more than excited to meet more people. After all it was a lovely evening.
Beilul and I

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