Friday, May 2, 2014

A Lovely Sunny Afternoon With Brown Girls

Yesterday, May 1, 2014, I gathered with the Brown Cohort II. It was a lovely, sunny day. Perfect to go out and gather with my fellow peers. Around 5:15 PM I left my house. On my way to Oralia's kitchen I suddenly got lost. Funny part is Oralia's kitchen's sign said "Fried Chicken" instead of the original name. When I arrived I saw some of the girls already there. A while after I arrived, the rest of my cohort arrived.
When everyone was there, everyone talked to each other as if we've known each other for years (in reality we've known each other for two months). As the delicious food began to gather around in our table everyone began to introduce themselves. We had the honor to have on of our Ivy League's alumni's present. One by one we said our name, grade, school, and favorite sweet snack.

As minutes passed by we began talking to our alumni. I don't quite remember her name but if I'm right it was Alicia. She told us some stuff about her. I learned that she went to Brown over the summer with our Ivy League Program and that she's a junior. She mentioned some of the things we'll learn while we're over there. She told us that we would learn about the different roles of women and what we feel about our race, ethnicity and gender. She also warned us that if we don't get close to our cohort or fellow class members it won't be a good experience. Good thing we all get along.

After she told us about her trip we got to ask questions. I asked her if being at Brown would take us back home with a whole different perspective of life and our gender. She told me that we'll come back more positive and very outspoken, that really got me excited since I'm a quiet, calm, shy girl.

Besides gathering up with everyone and learning more about our trip I finally met my chaperone. Her name is Jenny. She's a very nice. kind. and cool chaperone from what I saw. She is a Spanish teacher at De Anza High School. Since we were in a big group we didn't really get the chance to talk one on one but that'll happen in the future as she said.

As all these events are approaching I'm getting more and more excited about my Brown trip. I'm more than proud to say that the Ivy League is a very important and helpful program. In the short time I've been part of the program I've met some many great friends and looking forward to meeting and learning more.

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  1. I’m looking at that great photo and what I’m focused in on is how casually you’re all dressed. It was a warm afternoon and evening so your attire was perfect.

    On the other hand, some of us had to dress up (suit and tie) to attend the Vanderbilt dinner. And while it was cool and breezy outside, in our dining room it was warm.

    And the BART station and BART trains were VERY warm.

    Yep, you all were dressed just right.