Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reunited...Once Again

The School Board Meeting turned out to be a fun night where I got to meet all the other students attending the different programs. This event was held in Lavonya Dejean Middle school. Of course it wasn't hard for me to find it since I attended this school about three years ago. I arrived just before 5:30 and I saw Thao. We waited for a few minutes for the rest of the girls from our group to arrive. Everyone arrived shortly, and we were ready to begin.

Once every arrived, Don called for the ILCers, as well as chaperones to gather around and receive their school flags. After a few minutes of chatter, everyone was ready to be introduced. My cohort were called up second. We made our way up to the podium, facing the panel, and held our flag strong and proud. Jenny made a quick but very deep speech about the inferiority of women and the problems that they face. Then she introduced each of us one by one as well as what school we go to. Next up came the star of the night, Cynthia. Cynthia was chosen to be the speaker and representative for the Brown Women and Leadership cohort. I was very proud of Cynthia. She didn't plan out or read anything on a a piece of paper. Everything that came out of her mouth came from her heart. She not only spoke for herself, but she spoke for all of us as a group. 

The last part of this meeting, was Don's favorite part: the group photo. Of course Don had everything planned out in his head to make this group photo as quick as possible. He tried to fit everyone: ILCers, chaperones, and parents in one section. Let me tell you, Don doesn't mess with photos like these, he's a professional. We seemed a little crammed up, but hey, the group photo turned out to be great.

I enjoyed this School Board Meeting, and it was a night to definitely remember. I got to meet all the other cohorts and chaperones. It was a fun little event the helped me reunite with of course my cohort, as well as the other ILCers whom I met through interviews and blog tutorials. Aside from all of this, I received a certificate that I shall frame and put on the best wall that my house has to offer. 
Smiling with our certificates

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