Wednesday, May 14, 2014

School Board Meeting

Today was a day that every cohort went and introduced themselves to the WCCUSD School Board, this was a very important event for us all. Not only did we meet the people who were in charge of the ILC but we also met some of our benefactors. Very important people were present at today's meeting, so it was very important that we represented ourselves well. Some of the ILC members were asked to speak and I must say some of the best speeches I have heard. These speakers represented us all well and truly understood the message that we are trying to tell people, that there are other opportunities in the world and we are going to go explore them so we can come back to encourage our peers. 

Seeing the faces of proud parents and how they were all eager to see their children succeed was truly an amazing and inspirational sight. After today's school board meeting I am even more excited to go to Brown and tour other schools. I believe after today everyone that is part of the Ivy League Connection will truly understand how much the ILC is a privilege and how much all the adults do just to get us this opportunity.  I am truly honored and cannot wait to go, can't summer get here already!!!

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