Friday, May 16, 2014

One Market Experience

My mother and I in El Cerritto Plaza BARTstation
On May 15th all the students going to Brown all gathered  in the El Cerrito Plaza BART station. Around 5:30 pm we departed to San Francisco, I set next to Thao we talked about the AP world test we both took that day and she made feel like she was one on my friend I had known my hole life. The BART ride was about 30 minutes that passed by too fast.

One Market Restaurant 
One Market restaurant is located one block from the Embarcadero BART station. The restaurant had a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I was impressed by the decor once I entered; we had our own private room. I really enjoyed talking to the parents and the alumni’s that had visited Providence and Brown.  
The mothers of Brown summer students
Somehow the mothers found each other and decide that they wanted to take pictures.  They just loved talking to each other before being seated. When I was seated I was sitting next to two alumni’s on both side of me on my left was Elizabeth Gonzalez and on my right was Adrienne Eng. Elizabeth had graduated from Brown in 2012. I enjoyed asking her questions like, what set you apart and got you accepted? Where are the best places to visit? Where are good places to shop? I learned from Elizabeth that everyone has a story with many chapters and to remember it’s up to me to change the ending. Adrienne answered many of my questions about where I should visit. She did really good job describing a little bit of the culture there. I learned to be open to trying new thing and experiences and the importance of lasting relationships.    
A picture of some of  the Brown girls
I can’t wait to spend the summer with the girls I hope they allow me to be as outgoing as some of them are. From what you can tell from the picture we love to pose for pictures. I really see myself learning from every girl and gaining a new prospective.
Magaly's mother and mine
Magaly's mother and mine had a great time talking and getting to know each other. after the dinner my mother felt more secure about the girls I was going to the East with. I enjoyed seeing my mother have a fun time with the other mothers during the dinner.   

Are desert tasted as amazing as it looked
This can’t be a real blog if I don’t talk about the food we ate. The appetizers consisted of three options; the first was mushroom ball, glassed orange chicken and shrimp tacos. Following was a salad, then main course which was delicious and our desert seen in the picture was just as good. After dinner was our group photo were we held are Brown flags up.

Don in a suit
I had to take a picture to remember Don in a suit because I might never get the chance see him dressed like that again. In the picture we are in the Embarcadero Bart station waiting for the Bart to go home. The dinner turned out to be more than I expected and was glad to be one of the lucky ones chosen. I think I can get used to dressing up for dinner and going to nice restaurants. Over all, the night was a success and I meet wonder full people and alumni’s who attended Brown and now I can’t wait until I leave.

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  1. "This can’t be a real blog if I don’t talk about the food we ate."

    It's the summer, and you're STILL making me laugh.

    Have fun guys!