Monday, June 2, 2014

July 20th

           Today I gathered with all the Ivy League cohorts for an orientation at Pinole Middle School. I left my house at approximately five p.m. I knew my scholarship was on the line so I made sure I left on time to make it through traffic and my way there as well.

It was highly easy to find my way there I seen Don's nice van so I knew I was at the orientation. I stayed in my car until I seen more people arriving. Once I entered I sat next to my mom and waited til all my cohort arrived I was hoping everyone was there on time, of course I wouldn't like for anyone to forfit their scholarship. Everyone arrived and the orientation Began Don basically went over everything for the parents as he did for the students in the tutorials. 

He mentioned about all the loaner items and the rules that are expected for us. For example the fact that we are NOT allowed to drink at all is highly important after the short speech from Don we separated. 

I went with my cohort and we talked more about where we'd go reading our agenda for our trip was exciting. My favorite was visiting Times Square at night. Not including the fun stuff I'm looking forward to having the college life, of vein a young adult. I can't wait to come back as a total brave outspoken young lady and a role model for my community. As the days are approaching I'm more then excited to leave my family and learn from others .
I knew I arrived when I seen Don's car.

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