Friday, June 6, 2014


Monday night on June 2nd we had our last organized event with the ILC and we are almost ready to leave for Brown. During the orientation the whole ILC group was shown the possible items we can borrow from Don to take with us for our trip. Let’s just say I will be asking for some of those items and was very excited when I found out that Don would have pink bed sheets. Jenny, Don and many others went over our guidelines for the trip. The do’s and don’ts were discussed; they are pretty reasonable rules and should not be difficult to follow. 

Though I did forget to follow one of the rules, I forgot to blog that night! Shame on me, now after a very stern email, I remembered that I had to blog. Now here I am writing my blog, I have found my solution to not forget to blog. Set a reminder and alarm clock to remind me to blog every night when I go to Brown.  

I cannot wait to get to Brown; I want it to be July 20th already!!!!

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