Saturday, July 19, 2014

The First of Many...

From Magaly Rodriguez Arreola

July 19, 2014 is the first of many dates of unforgettable moments in my life. It's one day before our flight and the beginning of my own journey to self empowerment. I can only improve from now on and it makes me very happy to know that I will come out a better human being. I go in with a positive attitude and an open mind and heart, ready to soak this whole experience in.

Right now I am feeling a mixture of emotions like excitement, anxiety, pleasure and stress because I can not seem to find my wallet. I started to pack early so I would have enough time to sleep and stay awake during the plane ride. This is my first plane ride ever and I am not sure how I will react when the plane actually lifts off and we are left soaring thousands of feet above the ground. I imagine myself holding onto the sides of my seat and just counting every hour until I can finally get off. Can you tell that I have a fear of heights yet? Or who knows, I might become an addiction to traveling from then on.

I don't think my parents have yet to realize the fact that I will be away for three weeks because they still ask me if I am sure about leaving. I mean, there is nothing I can do now even if I wanted to change my mind (which I won't because my mind is set already). I know it is hard for them to let me go but I have to learn how to do things for myself. I appreciate this opportunity that I was given and will make the most of it.

I can't wait to meet new people and, most importantly, make new relationships and connections with them.

Quote if the day: journey --> personal growth
We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.
-Harriet Ward Beecher
Standing in solidarity with my sisters

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  1. My guess is, Magaly, that you'll take off long before your plane ever leaves the ground.