Thursday, July 24, 2014

Building Up Leadership Qualities

One of my favorite quotes is from Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” To achieve life fully, one can take smart risks to better themselves or not keeping traditions that hold them back. Today was our on-campus Challenge Course at Brown University in Sayles Hall and outside on the Main Green. The weather was cooled down from the morning until later afternoon, which made it perfect to being outside for about five hours. The Women and Leadership, Public Policies, and Social Justice Classes had to meet in Perkins dormitory Lounge at 8:30 AM to begin our mysterious challenges. As a large group, we walked to Sayles Hall and entered through thick, wooden double front doors to what reminded me of cathedral style architecture. Immediately, I noticed three, large stained glass window panes. Soon, everybody was divided into organized groups with students in our own classes. There were about ten people with our leaders and undergraduates at Brown University, Isabella and Cynthia.

Today, I had been given many opportunities to be a leader, volunteer, and truly expand my comfort zone. All of the exercise games we played institutionalized trust, leadership, bravery, competition, with an importance of an open and safe environment. I will never forget what I learned from today’s activities. We all have to find a way to work together despite barely knowing each other well enough to trust and communicate our ideas to try out. I must admit that I felt comfortable to raise my hand, volunteer, and answer questions often and as much as I could today. I knew that this was my opportunity to get to know my classmates better and figure out how much I can accomplish. Challenging yourself to expand your comfort zone of feeling uncomfortable is a must. First, our group did a levitating activity, where one person volunteers to be carried in a completely safe way by people carrying them to their waist, shoulder and above head levels. I went first, because I could not hold in my bursting curiosity, and adrenaline. It felt amazing that I can know when to feel trustful and aware of surroundings. It was not just about trust, but also understanding leadership styles and cooperation. My group worked in a quick and responsive manner, while enjoying learning so much more about each other and self-reflections.

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  1. I am glad you took the initiative :) Those moments are the ones you truly appreciate :)