Sunday, July 27, 2014

I think I have a shopping addiction

Waking up late for the second time was the best feeling next to that feeling you get when a test is only one-sided (Insider school joke). The weather over here is actually very pleasant despite what the second Brown group said before us. Maybe we were just lucky to have really nice weather during our time here. Regardless, even though it was cloudy today, it was relaxing and still warm enough to wear shorts outside.

We walked to the mall for the second time because our plans today were cancelled due to the rain. We were originally supposed to have a picnic in a very green and grassy area. But unfortunately, we didn't get the chance but that's okay because we got to watch a movie today. We watched transformers: The Age of Extinction in IMAX with a full belly. I had eaten a really good lunch before the movies that I didn't eat at all after because I was so full. I had a delicious grilled sub, bacon-cheese fries, and a sprite. I was so happy after the meal that I decided to walk around the stores again. I stopped myself from spending any more money on clothes or other things.
At the movies!
Yes, I love the escalators ha ha.
After leaving the mall around 6 PM, we waited for the bus at the bus stop. One thing that I am still not accustomed to is that the bus stops here are very hard to recognize. For example, in the bay area, the bus stations have like benches and a roof area where you can wait for the bus while you read the bus times and more. Over here, it's just a pole with the bus number on it along with some other signs that I have no idea what they mean. Also, they are very hard to spot because the bus sign looks like any other pole. It is basically the size of a parking meter and well, getting on the correct bus is another story.

Some other things that I find kind of weird is that there is close to none of those recycling bins for plastic bottles or glass bottles. I hang on to my water bottles until I see a recycling bin and I can never seem find one. I feel guilty when I do not recycle and just throw it in the regular trash bin because that is what I am used to. Another thing is the new act they passed it the bay area where stores charge you for plastic bags. For example, if you go to the grocery store, they ask you upfront if you want to purchase any plastic bags for 5 cents and I was used to always saying no. I felt better when I would bring my own reusable bags and now every time I buy something, I always tell the cashiers that I do not want a bag. They look at me kind of funny because they don't possibly think that I am actually going to carry my stuff without a bag.
Smiling for all the people out there

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