Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tasty Taro!

TODAY IS A WONDERFUL DAY! It's a Saturday!!!!!!!! I'm really happy today because I was able to sleep in, or so I thought. I actually woke up at the same time for school, but just laid there and relaxed. This morning, I was able to catch up on my personal free time, and do some of my homework. 

I was very excited for this day because it was the day for us to go shopping. I haven't been shopping for a while, and after seeing the Pokemon hat yesterday I wanted to buy it. I was so happy to be able to relax and "catch up" on my sleep. 

This morning, I met up at Cynthia's dorm to see YeonSoo and Cynthia. Cynthia was curling YeonSoo's hair, and soon Magaly was curling my hair. It was nice to get pampered because I never usually do my hair. It was a domino effect because Maria soon got her hair done. It was nice to have Cynthia and  Magaly do our hair, and I thank Magaly for my curls. I really like my curls, so thank you. 

Cynthia, Magaly, Maria, Muang, Stephanie, Yeonsoo, Sarita, Izabel, and I all went to the mall. The mall is a good 15 minute walk from our dorm, but we decided to take the bus. It was because Izabel got a really bad foot blister the day before. It was a long walk but we made our way to the mall. At the mall, my main goal was to find Spencer's and get the hats. I say "hats" because Spencer's was having a deal, buy one get the other half off. In the end, I bought two amazing hats. 

In the beginning, some of us decided to get some brunch while others began to start the shopping. I went with Sarita, Muang, Cynthia, Stephanie, and Maria to the food court. We all ate food and began our shopping adventure. The mall was very big, bigger than the one at home. The people there were also very nice, and I was able to meet new people from Perkins Hall. Amihan and Brandon were the lucky two who I got a picture with. They are from California as well, and we bonded immediately. They are really funny and energetic! 
Bus Buddies~
Left to Right: Brandon, Me, and Amihan

Shopping was fun! I did find the hats that I were looking for and had a hard time choosing which hat to choose. I knew, 100%, that I was going to choose the Pokemon one, but the second one was a tough one. I decided to choose the Link hat or the hats from the $4.98 pile. It was a hard decision, but I was able to decide on my two best choices. I felt really accomplished today, and seeing what everyone else got was nice. We all got something, Maria and her shoes, and everyone else with their apparel and accessories. Going home felt amazing. I'm still happy about my choice in hats, but as usual, the ride home was quite long. The bus usually takes a long time to get to the stop, so we basically sat there. Going home was fun but it was tiring because we had to go back to Perkins. We were supposed to meet Jenny at Perkins. but when we were going home, we saw her at the Mini Mart. She was with Jessie and Sierra, but decided to go on since we were going back to our dorms to drop stuff off. Tonight, for dinner, we ate at Flatbread, a pizzeria. The pizza there was really good, and I would love to go back for more. 
Epic Water Fire
After eating, we all went to watch Water Fire. Instead of going with Jenny, Maria, Yeonsoo, and I stayed behind to wait for Stephanie. Once we all gathered together, we walked together, along with Julia, Theo, and Cameron, to the park. 

When we reached downtown, we followed the music and found our way to the festival. There were a lot of attractions when we reached there, and we soon found a really good spot. The spot was near the river, where all the action was taking place. There was music playing in the background, and once the real thing began music was blaring throughout that part of town. It was a mixture of classical and modern. 

When the real event began, it was exciting. There was a guy who added fire to the logs, and the logs were blazing with fire. Fire sparks were flying and there was warmth emitting from the river. It was a beautiful site. After the Water Fire festival, the four of us went to Sno Tea Cafe. They are known for their shave ice, and that's what we all got. We shared a Taro Shave Ice for around $8. It was definitely delicious and refreshing. I was definitely craving something sweet, and that hit the spot. I was either going to eat that or be craving frozen yogurt. This day was really fun. I can't believe that the first week is almost over. It was fun walking home with the Stephanie, Yeonsoo, and Maria. While walking up the steep hill, we were playing music and singing to it. It was fun because we were so out of breath but tried our best to sing the songs. I'm loving Providence, RI because everyone here is so nice. At the mall, I was able to see the most adorable thing ever. There was a little boy who was modeling in front a store window. It was funny because at the end, we high-fived each other. He made this day a whole lot fun; like the cherry on top. At the Water Fire, I bowed down to the man who was in charged of lighting the "nests" on fire. He was respectful, and exciting. To those who will be coming to watch the Water Fire, be aware that it is different than you will expect it to be. 
Taro Shave Ice~~
Adorable Model


  1. Wit the exception of that little boy I see nothing but ear-to-ear smiles. Somebody must be doing something right in Providence this day.

  2. Cynthia did a really good job on your hair. You all seem to be so close already! I love it.

  3. Thao, I am so overjoyed to hear you are having a great time! Please cherish it as much as you can and have fun!