Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Return of Duck and Bunny Cupcakes

Today Dean Almandrez had a surprise for the class, she brought us doughnuts from Drunken doughnuts. After that the class split up in half I was apart of team two the class played charades, team two won. After that the class split up in groups of five and ran around the entire campus looking for various things in the scavenger hunt list. The class had about an hour to return to class. My team returned to class on time, for the last part of the scavenger hunt we had to solve a puzzle of the United States.

After lunch Nemow and Stacey practiced our action plan presentations in front of the class. I think I did really well and can’t wait to present tomorrow I really believe in my Cause which is more women in Law enforcement.

For dinner to day I went to Subway and ordered a B.L.T. sub. For desert I returned to Duck and Bunny Sweetery where I ordered a carrot cake cupcake. I will never forget those cupcakes and that will be the number one place I recommend to eat if ever asked about Providence. Okay am off,to finish my action plan.

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