Sunday, July 27, 2014

Transformers, Robots in Disguise~

Model Status! With out New Accessories
Watching the Movie!
Waking up in the morning at 10 AM was miraculous. Yasmin, my roommate, and I woke up around the same time and I felt refreshed. It was a beautiful morning, but there was a chance of rain. I decided to go in jeans and a shirt because of the weather. Today, the NEMOW cohort and Jenny were supposed to have a picnic at the park but the rain made it not possible. Instead of having a picnic at the park, we all had a picnic at the mall. This is the second time that I went to the mall. It was fun eating lunch with everyone since I was able to eat a little of everything from each restaurant. After eating, we all dispersed. I went with Maria because we were not interested in buying anything. We went in and out of shops until the time for the movie. Those who chose to go to IMAX wanted to watch Transformers 4. The movie was going to start at 2:40 PM, but during the mean time Maria and I went around the mall. When it was time to meet up, some of us didn't want to watch it. In the end it was Maria, Izabel, Magaly, Stephanie, and I who went to the movie. Transformers 4 was a pretty good movie. There was a lot of action, and the ideology of the dinosaurs was interesting. After the movies, the 5 of us went home. 

Chilling on the Bus~
The bus took a long time coming, and we were nervous that we will be late for our Action Plan Workshop tonight, which started at 7 PM. The bus arrived in the next 10 minutes, and we boarded it. Coming back to the Brown campus, I began to feel hungry. Thank goodness that I wasn't the only one. Stephanie and I told Magaly, Izabel, and Maria that we were hungry and were probably going to go to the V Dub to get some food. Izabel said that she wanted to go straight into the dorms to meet Isabella for the meet up to our workshop. When we got off the bus, Maria, Stephanie, and I went to the V Dub for food. The line for the V Dub was REALLY long, but we were able to eat some food. When the three of us were coming back from the V Dub, we went straight to the B&H. The B&H is located on Hope and George. It was around a 5 minute walk from the dorms. 

Taking Action at the Action Plan (by smiling)
The Action Plan Workshop was really informational. The three guest speakers were, Rie Ohta, Stanley Stewart, and Tenzin Lama. Rie Ohta is originally from Japan and has made an organization for people to be more aware about social class and education. Stanley Stewart is from Atlanta, Georgia and founded a program for first-year college students. Tenzin Lama is from Nepal, but lives in Nepal, and is part of a Designer program. The Designer program is connected with a lot campuses, and consists of a team of 18. The speakers were inspirational because they gave us some good advice. I liked Stanley's advice on how we should make a team of the best of the best. Besides having enemies, we should make allies. If we are lacking a skill, we should find someone who is excelling with that skill. I like the ideology of being in a team because I pictured a super hero group. 

Once getting home, Maria and I usually make our rounds of singing. I call this Christmas Caroling because we knock on the doors of our friends, and sing a song. It's always a pleasure to see everyone open with surprise looks and dance to our singing. I never thought that I was a good singer, but I think I built a good confidence to sing with the cohort. Sometimes, Yeonsoo and Stephanie would join us on our route to the different rooms. I really enjoy this part at night, and I hope we can start memorizing lyrics so we sound professional. We are getting our vocals down. 

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