Monday, July 21, 2014

First Day of Class At Brown

I've always thought the first day of class is fun but it's very hard to get use to a new home and new people. I must admit waking up at 6:30 AM is very tuff when at home it's barely 3:3O AM . Around 8:05 AM my Brown cohort met for a quick breakfast at the Ratty . I grabbed a juice because I wasn't as hungry as I thought. I waited for everyone to be done eating then headed to the Watson Center Information Technology where my Women & Leadership class will take place. It was very easy to find it since we were told by a random person on campus it was next to a very tall building. My class was very easy to find.
                                                Watson Center for Information Technology

The class was very self-explanatory if I read the reading our Dean Almandrez sent us. Our Dean talked about stereotypes in our first class from 9 AM to 11:30 AM . I didn't feel comfortable in class but I still managed to stay focused. We covered the basics of how we felt about race, ethnicity, age, sex, gender, disability, religion, and sexual orientation. The class is very confidential so I won't be able to share any of the interesting things I learned from others. The Dean was very down to earth, and made us feel like we were at home. At 11:30 AM we went out to lunch at the Ratty which was five minutes away from class. I had a pizza, pasta with no seasoning, and chicken wings, along with the side of a Coca-Cola with ice. After lunch me and my cohort headed back to class in the CIT 119 as in the morning. Me and my cohort now felt comfortable going into class. We even participated way more in class. We learned about the "one stories" basically meaning stereotypes. We all mentioned how stereotypes are always assumptions of people who don't know us but don't ask either. The class was just based on our feelings which was confidential. After this second class ended at 3 PM we were allowed to walk around so we just hung out outside our class building. Around 3:45 we headed to the Stephen Robert' 62 Campus Center where we had a Leadership Workshop.
                                            A Walk to Our Leadership Workshop

In the Leadership workshop we did exercises which helped us understand the meaning of leadership. We defined Leadership as North, South, East, and West. I defined myself as South because I'm not stubborn and I like to help others out to come to a great conclusion. After the class we headed to dinner to V Dub , a new dining , it was much better then the other but very loud. I had a marinated lemon chicken, with rice, and a Alfredo pasta. It was delicious! After dinner my cohort headed to our dorms and we all came to my lonely dorm room to blog, write our room descriptions, and start our long reading assignments. We are all very stressed out and need to catch up on sleep. For a first day of class it wasn't bad it was actually good to reflect upon everyone's personal experience. I already see stuff differently from race to age wise. I'm hoping to talk to more people tomorrow and to get some rest.
My Delicious Diner

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