Thursday, July 31, 2014

Presentation Day

Today I woke up early and went to Cynthia's hair salon were Magaly curled my hair, while I did my make up to better prepare myself for today’s presentation. When I went to class I decided to not be dressed because I knew I did not what to mess up my dress before my presentation during the afternoon session. During my first class session, 15 girls in my class had their opportunity to practice in front of the class. During lunch I went back to my dorm to finish getting ready.
Jenny went to support us; I was the first to present my Action Plan. I felt very prepared and confident in my presentation. Here is the video of my presentation. After our presentations Jenny was waiting for Nemow with roses and gave us one each .By that time I was starving because I did not eat breakfast or lunch, I went to Subway and got myself a sandwich with chips and a soda. When I arrived to my dorm I collected my dirty clothes and washed the last of my clothes that needed to be cleaned.
Around 9 in the evening I went to the dance party that the leadership program was hosting. It was a lot of fun just dancing to good music and best of all there was doughnut cake which was tasted good and gave me the energy to dance. I only stayed an hour and a half because I had to go finish my packing.

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  1. I bet you kicked some tail, Izabel. I would have liked to have seen this.