Sunday, July 20, 2014

Welcome to Brown!

I woke up this morning at 1:45 AM to prepare to meet in front of El Cerrito High School (ECHS) with my cohort and wonderful chaperon Jenny. As my aunt Lisa drove me early in the morning at 2:20 AM, she spoke to me about taking care of myself and making better choices, since I will be expected to be a responsible role model for my younger siblings. I spoke to her about feeling a bit anxious and looking forward to seeing my cohort and staying in dorms. What I will remember from her response is to follow directions carefully; open my mind up to new thoughts and ideas, and lastly to make more social connections as it is a part of college life. 

It was a short drive - about 15 minutes to (ECHS) - waiting to board our shuttle for San Francisco Airport. Immediately I saw Maria, (one of my eight cohort members who also attends John F. Kennedy High School) her sister and parents taking out her luggage from the trunk. Also I spotted Don and our chaperon Jenny setting up a table with snacks and luggage tags. It was so nice to see all of my cohort members again, Jenny and Don. Reality finally set in that I will be boarding a plane flight to attend Brown University on the Ivy League Connection scholarship.
All the snacks ILC provided us
As soon as everybody arrived, we all received four personal luggage tags Don had generously made for us. Soon, Don gave us instructions and reminders to blog throughout my day, introduce myself to many people, stay hydrated, travel in pairs, and follow directions. We had received snacks to pack in zip-lock bags, which were red vines, grape vines, Clif Bars, apple, strawberry, blueberry granola energy bars. After I packed my snacks, we all gathered together to take a group photo.

Our shuttle came a bit late to pick us up, and Don ended up having to drive some of our luggage and Jenny to SFO Airport. We gathered our luggage and stood to wait in a long line that moved quickly.
From Left to Right: Izabel Rodriguez, Magaly Rodriguez, and Cynthia Ramirez

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  1. That photo of the snack bar is deceptive. what you're seeing is the aftermath that followed the pack of nine ravenous young ladies snatching up goodies like their lives depended on it. I recall one member of your cohort when she realized that there were larger bags to fill. It was if Santy Claus had just come and left her some new presents.