Thursday, July 24, 2014

Challenge Day!!

Today’s Challenge Day was so much fun; it was entertaining and boding experience for us all. Due to the fact the weather was looking kind of bad today where we were originally supposed to host the Challenge Day, in a forest area near Brown University; the Leadership Institute decided it was best for the Challenge Day to be held on campus. This was kind of a bummer because I wanted to see the forest area around Providence but made the best out of it. This way was also a good thing because if we got done early we could just go the dorms, rest, eat, blog and do assignments. The Challenge Day was held at the Sayles Hall, a beautiful hall that can host many entrepreneurial events throughout the year.
Sayles Hall
The beauty inside!
Our first challenge for the day was more of a trust exercise for our group, learning to let others take charge and when you should step in but no matter in which situation you trust the other person judgment to take care of you. This was particularly hard for me because I was supposed to be lifted in the air by my group and it’s not that I thought they would purposely drop my but I was afraid I was heavier for some of the girls. But my amazing group did fine and I was lifted safely and landed safely. Then we had another activity that we had to go through this spider web that was made out of ropes but through the holes provided. We then had some of the girls get lifted and put through the hole from the top and have girls on the other end to receive. I was lifted in the air for this as well but everything went safely. This made me realize that I can trust these girls here and they won’t try to kill me.

Throughout the day we had several other activities, some involving making shapes blindfolded, or getting across a taped area that is 7 feet long but the only room you have is enough for your feet and you have arrange yourself from birthdate, height, etc. Some of us blindfolded for that or told we can’t have verbal communication. The day was filled with challenges that made us stronger as a group and truly made me understand that sometimes to be a good leader we must step back. It was good to have a day off from regular class but Dean Almandrez was there and that made it even better because she was supporting us the whole way, making us feel confident and welcome. The fact that she was there when she didn’t have to be shows me she really cares and I appreciate that with all my heart. Another good thing about today was we saw Professor Kisa! Getting big hello hugs and I’m so happy to see you again make me even happier. 

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  1. I went out and made sure you all had ponchos for this day so you would stay dry and then they move you indoors? Oh well...

    I'm afraid that I would fail at these trust exercises. I've never met a single person that I have 100% faith in. I have plenty of people who would love to see me fail and even to see me get hurt in the process but that really isn't my concern. I have yet to meet anyone that I felt I could trust well enough to follow through with what they're supposed to do--to give the task everything they have.

    I see this on an everyday basis with people who cannot or will not follow instructions. Or there will be people who are incapable of following instructions or even having the requisite skills to accomplish what's asked of them.

    Yes, this is sad, and will doom me to a life of loneliness but right now it is what it is.

    Okay, you can cry fro me later if you must. :-)