Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eventful Days

The days are numbered now it’s a crazy thought that we only have two more days left at Brown University. We are returning for dinner with admissions officers but it’s not the same we will not be staying in the dorms that we currently reside in now. The people we saw on an everyday basis will not be here with the days numbered the day to present our action plans are also numbered. The actions plans need to be turned in by tomorrow morning before 8 AM, so I will be turning it in tonight. Then I will be presenting tomorrow afternoon.

Scavenger Hunt!
 The morning class consisted of us, first playing Guesstures. Let’s just say my acting skills have not improved since I was a child but the game was fun and it was good to do something fun and different for class today. The game also had an educational aspect behind it, it was meant to show us how we behave and how our leadership skills are affected in a competitive setting. Expanding on this we had to do a scavenger hunt. Dear God, I have never had a scavenger hunt on such a big “playing field”. The Brown Campus is huge, so we had to run to Perkins Hall to the V-Dub. Perkins Hall is the farthest housing units from the campus and the V-Dub is across the campus. 

The afternoon class was spent practicing for our action plans that the ILC presents Thursday, so we all practiced today. Others will practice tomorrow morning before the afternoon session when the ILC will actually present.  Running through these practice rounds was very helpful, we were given feedback and that feedback will improve our speeches. I am very excited and can’t wait to present. 

Sierra's done with all the walking

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