Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crying already?

Today was presentation day-- yeah you bet I was nervous. I knew I didn't have any reason for my nervousness because I had a great Action Plan and my ideas were as valid as anyone else's. I was preparing the whole day and doing like coping mechanisms to relieve my stress about trying to say everything perfect. I feel that for that reason, I wasn't being myself and that affected me today. But whatever is done is done and I loved every second I was up there demanding people to listen and hear me out. I felt a pressure and weight on my shoulders to represent my community, city, school, and all the students who didn't have the chance to be here. I wanted to be the voice for those who didn't have one and I just wanted to thank everyone who had such an influence on what I learned and the way I see the world now.

I can honestly say that now, I am able to speak in  public because I am so much more confident and aware of my power then in the beginning of the course. I have grown and improved in every aspect during these amazing two weeks. I had such a great experience overall that I still can't believe that I had the potential all along to become a better version of myself. A more confident, smarter, and open- minded person than before.

So, everyone wants to get all emotional today because it is one day before we say good-bye to our new friendships. It isn't even the last day yet and people are already crying and I can't stand it because if I see you cry, then I'll cry. I do not know how to say  good-bye so I just smile and hope for the future. Tomorrow is going to be a very emotional day and I don't think I am ready to say bye to all the people who have each taught me something. But, something I will never let go is all the information and knowledge I have gained. All my new skills , perspectives, and action plan will definitely be implemented in my community.

Packing, for me, has been fairly easy because I am a very organized person. I have saved all the pouches and bags and strap things that I borrowed from Don. Everything is packed and carefully placed everything in my luggage-- for the exception of my sheets, I will still needs those tonight when I go to sleep. I checked my room and drawers to see if I had forgotten anything and I am sure that I packed everything but, just in case, I will check once again tomorrow morning before I leave.

Tonight, at around 9:00 PM, there was going to be a dance party which I am guessing is going to be fun. I was promised a doughnut cake slice at the party (they got me hooked) and that may or may not be why I am going. Surprisingly, we were having fun for a good half hour but then, the music being played got more boring every time. At least for me, I thought they should have taken requests instead of limiting the music to old school songs. At the end, this was a great way to end the course, with  a good dance party all while enjoying it with my friends.

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