Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Class Lunch

So today was the first time that I woke up kind of "late". My alarm went off at 6:45 AM, but I closed my eyes for what I thought was only 5 minutes and it turned out to be 40 minutes instead. I felt like I failed my job of being the human alarm clock for waking up late. (Oh Maria, you had one job!) But that's okay, we were successfully able to get dressed on time and left a little after 8.

Class is always fun
Class was pretty calm and quiet today, which was a bit unusual because our class is usually loud and pumped up. Of course Dean Almandrez noticed and she gave us a quick energizer by playing a game called: As the Wind Blows. The game is quite simple, and super fun. Everyone is seated on a desk in a circle and there is one person in the middle that starts and asks everyone outside the circle: "Have you ever ____." If a person outside the circle has ever done what the person in the middle asks, then they have to move to another seat. I really liked the game because it involved movement and some type of physical work, in this case, running. It was also a bit chaotic since many of us kept bumping into each other and almost falling, but this was a great game that woke the whole class up. For the most of the class it was an open discussion and we talked about the types of theories from our past readings for homework. Next we were in for a little surprise...pop quiz! Dean Almandrez listed 6 vocabulary words on the board and gave us 30 minutes to define each, however we wanted to. Then we traded papers with the third person to our right and went over the answers. I did a pretty good job defining the words and I was proud.

It was finally lunch time and I was pretty excited, since it was our first official lunch together as a class with Dean Almandrez and Isabella. We walked together to the Vdub and it was really cool and also sitting together as a whole. After lunch we did a small gallery walk around the classroom and we were able to express our feelings about each picture by writing it down on a post it note and sticking it under the picture. I thought that it was great since I got to see how other people felt and I also got to express my feelings about it. After the gallery walk we counted off into four different groups and were given a piece of paper with a word on it that we had to describe by either acting it out, singing, rapping, etc. Our group chose to act it out, and it was hilarious since we made Theo our lead star, so she was kicking her way through the skid for the love of feminism (which was our word).

Nutella Stanley
Once class ended, we made our way to SnoTea again for some shaved ice. Seriously, I think that it's an addiction now thanks to our dear friend Stephanie. Our goal before we leave is to try every single shaved ice flavor, and so far it's going well. Several people had the day off after the classes ended, and chose to continue to work on their action plan. My cohort did the same as well, but we had to attend a Scholar Partnership Program at 7 PM. It was pretty informative, and I got to meet couple of new people and socialize with some of them as well. Our special guests with us for the night were Manuel, Stanley, and Jessica who are upcoming juniors here at Brown. This workshop mostly focused about why we wanted to go to college and it was really nice having Manuel, Stanley, and Jessica since they answered any questions that we had about college at the end of the workshop. 

We are now near the midweek of this summer program and were set to leave the campus in about 3 days. My goals right now are to finish my action plan and of course make the most out of the next couple of days. 
Scholar Partner Program Workshop

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  1. Great job on the word quiz :) I hope you wake up on time and get rest so you don't wake up late again :P How many flavors are there for shaved ice? So many different foods and here I am at work hungry lol Have fun and keep being a leader :)