Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Open Discussion

Today in class we had a pop quiz which made my hart sink because I do not like test. After the pop quiz Dean Almandrez allowed us to have an open discussion within the class for the rest of the time. When making my rounds around the class I was fascinated by other girl’s opinion on controversial topics like rape culture, women in the military, and the domestic violence cycle.

The entire class went to lunch together today, it was nice having lunch as a group. After lunch we went around the class looking at various pictures on the wall we had 15 minutes to go around the class silently and write on post it note, some thing or nothing about the picture. Today I really saw change within myself in the way in which is see the world in a different way than before the Women and Leadership program.
Me and Magaly

Around 7 in the evening I was invited to a meeting were other students with scholarships we all gathered together is a safe place to discuss there experience so far. The meeting really reminded me about how fortunate I am to be here, I am well aware that not very one can have the same experience as me. This was more motivation for my action plan.

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