Friday, July 25, 2014

Friends Are Better Than the Doctor

I woke up today with more pain in my eye than yesterday. I went to class at 9 AM today and left during break at 10:20 AM. I felt bad for leaving because there was a guest speaker talking about speaking skills. The bright light in the room made me blink more, which was bad for my eye. Thankfully, the teacher understood my situation and let me go back to my dorm to sleep.

During the hour and a half that I spent in class, I did learn a lot of skills that I will use in the future. Filler words like 'uh' and 'like' or moving my hand so much isn't the best way to present yourself to the class if you want to look professional. I didn't realize that so many little things can contribute to the way you look during a speech. Making eye contact, not holding your pen in your hand, not crossing your legs, or not speaking like you're questioning yourself can make you stand out in from of your audience. This workshop was quite helpful. 

When I came back to my dorm, I fell asleep for a couple of hours and ate a granola bar for lunch. The people that I didn't expect to care for me, came knocking on my door to see how I felt. Although the pain was still there, I felt much better when people gave me advice like putting a hot towel on my eyelid.

Kimchi Fried Rice
After my nap, Magaly, Thao, Maria, Cynthia, Izabel, Stephany, Angie, Jennifer, and I went to a concert in Providence, near the outlets. The nine of us decided to eat at a Korean restaurant before we left. (MY FAVORITE PART OF THE DAY) It's weird going from eating a Korean meal three times a day to only once a week. The cashier of the restaurant was Korean and she was really excited that I was Korean also. We had trouble finding the concert but we followed the music and eventually made it. 

On our way, we passed by Rhode Island State House and nice views. At the concert, we only recognized one song, "Sweater Weather." It was nice spending time with my friends and not staying in my dorm doing my homework or blog. We went downhill in order to get to the concert, which meant that we have to go uphill on our way back. It was difficult but we got to Thayer Street with TEAMWORK! I can't wait for tomorrow. 
Left to right (Thao, Maria, YeonSoo)
Left to Right (Maria, YeonSoo, Thao, Stephanie, Magaly, Cynthia)
Concert in Providence

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  1. I can't believe that you wrote that you'd rather spend time with friends instead of blogging. Where are your priorities, YeonSoo? [You know I'm kidding, don't you?]