Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Getting Closer

Today is our third official class day in the Women and Leadership program. I must say that I am getting used to almost everything that this campus has to offer. The majority of the students here are very welcoming as well as approachable. These past few days I've learned so much when it comes to communicating and approaching others, especially those that I do not know. Up to now, I never realized the importance of listening and responding to other students without it offending them. 

Our day started off the usual. It's been a pretty repetitive morning these past 3 days; we all meet downstairs at around 8, then make our way to either the Ratty or Vdub for breakfast. In my opinion, class was the funnest today. Every day class starts to get more interesting and the conversations are very intense with the other girls. I'm not going to lie, I'm in a classroom filled with bright, wonderful girls that really take their responses to another level. I am quite jealous of them actually, but I am more fortunate and honored to even be in the same room as them. The first part of class was just a preflection of what we learned in class yesterday. But today, we focused on more of gender roles, men v. women. We were divided into groups again and each created a small skid of the stereotypical man and woman. My group had the men, and we created a hilarious skid that gave life to the whole room. (If we were to chose a winner, my group would have totally won.)

The second part of class has to be the most interesting. We watched a film called Miss Representation, that showed the portrayal of women and how they are put down upon in the eyes of the media. It just really bothers me how the media seem to be in control of a women's mind when it comes to their physical appearances and their decision making. This video has opened up another perspective on what I have on women and it has also motivated me to make a change to this type of problem. We might not know it, but small things such as advertisements or commercials that portray the weakness of women happen every day in our lives. Now that I think about it, we give social media the permission to show women and young girls on how they are supposed to be, not based on what they want to be.

My favorite part of this whole day was the Diversity Workshop. It really gave me a chance to understand all the girls in my class and it also brought us together as a group. Again, it was a more talking, listening, and walking activity and it also involved a lot of trust within the group. Overall, it really gave me an insight of who my classmates are really are. I didn't know much about them or how much we have in common we all have until this workshop. I am hoping that tomorrow's challenge course will be fun, hopefully my team wins!
Women and Leadership 2014 Squad!


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  1. I would like to learn more about the diversity workshop, maybe we can apply it to UB :)