Sunday, July 27, 2014

No Sunny Picnic

Sunday morning started out with me waking up at 11 in the morning. I was really happy I got to to sleep in and let my body rest. Nemow was supposed to go to a picnic with Jenny today. However, it rained in the morning and there was no sun in sight so we decided to do something different instead. Around noon Nemow met up with Jenny in the Providence Place Mall food court. After sampling most of the food in the food court I finally decided to eat  Cajun chicken with rice and a Coca-Cola. And let me tell you, my food was so good and tasty.
Thank you Magaly for doing my hair
The bus ride to the mall
After eating we went around shopping and I found some really good deals on shoes. Around 2 in the afternoon we decided to go watch Transformers 4, it was the first Transformers  movie I have watched.  I really recommend watching Transformers and Spoiler Alert!!the good guys win and the ending sets up for a Transformers 5.

Me, Magaly, Maria, Thao, and Stefenie 
After we returned from the mall we had a mandatory Action Plan Workshop. There where three guest speakers: Tenzin Lama, Stanley Stewart, and Rie Ohta. They gave us good advice, like the importance of having the best people on your team to make a successful plan come true. Today was a very relaxed day with some of the best fun so-far.

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