Monday, July 28, 2014

Ready, Set, ACTION!

I spent the majority of my day working on my action plan.  As of right now, my hope is to raise awareness for my school’s special needs community through face-to-face interactions (i.e. football games, lunch dates, and things of that nature). To accomplish this, I will be creating a club at the beginning of next year that will facilitate the integration of the special needs students into the “typical” (general ed) student body. 

Since this will be the first year of the club’s existence (I still need to come up with a name, so if you have any suggestions…), this will be a more-or-less a developmental year and hopefully, I’ll be able to get it to a point where it will be able to continue on after I graduate.  I’ve already contacted 3 Special Ed teachers (one is actually a mother of a sped student as well) within my school district and now have tentative plans for a meeting with my school’s sped department following the start of the upcoming school year.  I’ve also talked to 10 ECHS students (3 seniors, 6 juniors, and 1 sophomore) about joining the club, and in return I now have 9 for sure yeses and 1 maybe; out of the 8, at least 3 have expressed interest in becoming officers for the club!  It’s really starting to come together and I couldn't be more thankful for the support I’ve received from my friends, teachers, and family back home! Because of them, my action plan is already in motion and I haven't even finished writing it out yet!

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