Monday, July 28, 2014

Rain = Sad YeonSoo

Last night, my roommate locked the door and slept early. I lost my room key so I couldn't get into the room unless I woke her up. Cynthia, one of the girls in the Ivy League Connection, has two beds but no roommate so I slept over her room.

The rain made me sad.
I woke up at 6:45 AM to wake up Cynthia and Maria for breakfast. We got ready and stopped by a small market to buy coffee and redbull because we were all tired. It was just Cynthia, Maria, and I because the others either didn't want breakfast or didn't want to wake up early. I drank coffee because I thought it would wake me up instantly, but I was still tired throughout the day. On our way to V Dub, it started to rain and Cynthia was the only one who brought an umbrella. The three of us struggled to fit in one umbrella and failed. When it started to rain harder, we decided that it would be safer to just wait under a roof until the rain stopped a little. Whenever we came out from under the roof, it would rain several seconds later. I guess it was karma for not bringing our ponchos or umbrellas.

During class, we had to draw a map or diagram of how we got to be at the Women and Leadership program at Brown University this summer. I drew a map containing important parts of my life that makes me who I am today and gives me the reason to apply for this program. I wish that I had more time or more materials to work on the poster because I know that I could have done it better. Drawing a map of my life so far made me realize the things that made me passionate about certain things. It's interesting to know where everything started.
At the Action Plan Workshop
After class, I went to get a new ID card and dorm key with Jenny. She seemed tired and I felt bad for putting her in a situation like this. I offered to pay for what I lost because Jenny said that I lost the ID so it's fair if I pay. Because of this, I was late for my workshop that started at 4 today. Everyone was supposed to meet at V Dub, but everyone was gone by the time I got there. Thankfully my friend Maria sent me a text of the name of the building they were at. I knew where that was at so I walked there with a couple other students who were also late. The people at the workshop were split depending on how far we were with our Action Plan. I went into the room where "everyone knows what their Action Plan is" thinking that it was the room for people who needed help with it. I didn't realize this until I was halfway through the workshop. I guess this is what I get for being late. However, I did learn a couple things during the two hours that I was there. An Action Plan will not be easy if you don't relate to the problem that you are trying to solve. I was surprised when only a few raised their hands when the teacher asked if they were going to continue their Action Plan for 10 years. Why start something and never finish it? I don't understand.

At dinner, I talked with other people who are also Korean. It's weird talking to other people who are also Korean but grew up in completely different communities. It's interesting to me because I don't have any Korean friends in a community with mostly Hispanics. I really hope I get to talk to them even when I go back to California.

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  1. You’re good, YeonSoo, you’re VERY good.

    Your blog title grabbed at my heart and then that lead photos made me sadder. As I read your blog things got sadder and sadder. Having to sleep in a room other than your own? Having rain gear but not with you? Going to the wrong workshop?

    I’m waiting for Chapter two where you tell me the day ended on a high note. Please tell me you grabbed some of that good ice cream you wrote about a few days ago. Tell me that someone painted your nails or curls your hair. At the very least, please tell me that when you slept in your OWN bed that your dreams were sweet.