Monday, July 21, 2014

Eye Opening

The first day of class began at 9 in the morning. Are class was located in Watson CIT building (Center for Information Technology) room 219 on the second floor. When we first entered the room, Dean Almandrez was waiting for the class to arrive. The room was setup in the way that all the desk were in a circle. We stared are class with a pre-reflection on a commercial for a woman's product. My eyes where opened to the medias views on what is gender and how it is marketed.
Are class room was 219
During are leadership workshop, lead by Isabella Betita we learned about are own leadership stile based on the Leadership Compass. Using  North, East, South, and West to describe each leadership stile. I discoverer that I was a South leader, because  I am willing to hear and consider  everyone's ideas before making a final decision.
Isabella my RA
I really like my RA Isabella she was really nice and she is also the TA for are class which means she can help me if I need help. I also really enjoy her creativity with are names on Starbucks cups (that sold me right off the bat).What can I say today was a good day.

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