Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Releasing stress

Today in class, we took a kind of different of route to our normal day routine.

We usually have a morning class filled with presentations and are basically always in our seats listening. Unlike any other day, we had a scavenger hunt. We were separated into groups of five people and were given each a list of what things we needed to do or find around the campus. So off each of us went different directions with a natural  instinct to be competitive and try to win. After finishing the scavenger hunt, we were all excused to go to lunch which left us with suspense and anxiousness because we wanted to know who had won. When we got back to class, we were so excited to find out the winner but to all of our surprises, Dean Almandrez didn't say anything about it. She asked us about our feelings toward what we thought about the hunt and how this related to leadership. Then, I noticed that this did have a lot to do with leadership because we come out of our comfort zone, change into different roles and leadership styles in order to work as a group and finish first. It teaches us how to step down or take charge when needed and it was a wonderful learning experience overall.

After lunch we got a chance to practice our speech/presentation for our action plan. Everyone in the ILC and Stacey had plans to leave the course early due to their schedule and other things so we were going to present on a Thursday. Everyone did pretty good but there is always room for improvement. We each stood in front of class and each was given feedback/constructive criticism from our peers that were given with the best intentions. Personally when I went up, I felt a bit comfortable because I knew everyone sitting in that class and I knew that they were all interested in what I had to say but, sometimes I would lose my concentration and forget what I was going to say next. When I receive criticism, I take it as if everything I said was horrible. It isn't like I get mad when they criticize me but I doubt myself so much that I believe that my ideas aren't as good as others.

But, after I was done with my speech and sat down, I felt dumb for ever doubting myself and believing that I couldn't possibly contribute anything to my community because I am a capable person. Tomorrow is going to be awesome and I am going to get rid of my fear of public speaking. I regret not taking part in clubs or programs outside of school that help you to build your confidence and help you get rid of your fear on public speaking. Also, family has a huge influence in the way my confidence was because any bit of courage I had was sort up taken away from me so, surely but slowly, I am building myself up again and will never let anyone tear me down.

Thank you Women and Leadership program!

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