Sunday, July 27, 2014

Just Go For It!

The original plan scheduled for the Ivy League Connection (ILC) Women and Leadership cohort was to meet Jenny at noon outside of Perkins dorms today, then have a relaxing picnic on the grass at Roger Williams Memorial Park. Sadly, around 11:00 today, it began to lightly rain outside as the sky was overcast and humid. Our chaperon, Jenny, emailed us three options: 1) eat lunch on Thayer Street then go to a bowling alley nearby; 2) eat lunch at the food court of Providence Place Mall then watch an IMAX movie; or 3) eat lunch on Thayer Street and have an option of going to a free outdoor Zumba class or back to dorms. My cohort and I all agreed to go to the mall then watch a movie. Together we left Perkins dormitory around 11:45 walking towards the mall for a change, instead of taking the bus. I'm glad we took a short walk through some beautiful neighborhoods on top of a steep hill. It was drizzling outside, so I brought the pink umbrella Don let me borrow from the ILC which came in handy.
Jenny was already at the food court waiting for us. For lunch we all had different food preferences, out of the great variety of food courts. Jenny ordered for me from the ILC card, a daily special of 16 pieces of sushi for $9.99. I shared some with Thao and Jenny as I became full with delicious sushi. After shopping for back to school clothes, Cynthia and I walked to the bus stop that would take us back to our dormitory.
Snacks I shared before dinner
At 6:00 PM, Cynthia, Sierra, YeonSoo and I walked to the VDub dining hall to eat an early dinner. We were lucky that we got our dinner before the long lines formed. 'The Ratty' dining hall closed for the rest of the summer programs, as the majority of Summer@Brown students finished their classes and headed home.

All the Summer@Brown students staying at Perkins dormitory had a mandatory Action Plan Panel and Floor Meeting at Barus and Holly building on the intersection of Hope and George Streets. Our three speakers had attended Brown University and spoke to us about their Action Plans. 

Rie Ohta talked to us about promoting social change in our school and community. According to what Rie Ohta said, in Japan many people did not feel comfortable speaking about the social class, gender, income on a spectrum. What I got out of the Action Plan Panel was that some situations may require a leap of faith but those will help give more experience. Rie Ohta said to us, "Don't worry you aren't good enough, because if everybody did, nothing would get done". I had not thought about it like this but it is so obvious to me now. Stanley Stewart, one of our speakers for the night said to us, "Failure is a failure, if you don't learn anything from it." Basically to take something from every experience and whatever needs to be done, then don't stop let it stop me. He also told us a phrase, " Getting the right people on the bus," meaning to see people as partners with a common purpose rather than assuming enemies. I understand now, that it will take all of my energy to stay dedicated and passionate to just go for it. A repeated lesson is to be a good leader, I will need good listening skills. 


  1. Stupid me--I look at those 'snacks' and my old fashioned education fails to see the nutritious value nature of them. I’m sure they were balanced with the super nutritious meal you ate at the Ratty. Right?

  2. I am glad you are listening to your speakers and implementing the lessons to your own life. Have fun walking around the town and exploring the many things it has to offer. Have fun and as you state, "Go for it" We miss you at Upward Bound :)