Friday, July 25, 2014

Professional Photographer and Amazing Allie

A fabulous Friday to you all! In class today, we had a Public Speaking workshop that made this day fun. Today's homework was an essay about gender, and we had to use what we learned in class. In our essay, we needed two outside examples to prove our point. I used anime, and a Korean movie called 200 Pound Beauty. Both examples were good because they both talked about stereotypes and the "perfect image" for women. For a good 30 minutes, we all talked about what we learned in class and about our essays. Then, our guest speaker came, the amazing Jennifer Madden. She has a PhD from Brown University. She is also a public speaking and art teacher. She was a great instructor, and I learned a lot about public speaking. To be specific, we focused on 60%, 30%, and the 10% of any presentation. The 60% is visual, or what we wear. Posture, hand gestures, and eye contact are major key roles when we present. 30% is vocal, our intonation. The way we express our action plan will be another point in which others will interpret it. Volume has a role in this section, as well as articulation. And lastly, the ironic 10% is what we actually say. It's weird that our message is not the most important variable when we present. Jennifer said that it was because we forget 85% of what we hear. Let me repeat that, 85%. That is such a big number, so being able to engage the audience, like asking questions or having a common ground with them, is beneficial. Jennifer elaborated more on the 60%, 30%, and 10% that make up our presentation. Afterwards, we had lunch.

Today at lunch, we had the best fries at the Ratty. They tasted like the Jack in the Box curly fries. They were so delicious, and I wished I got more than what I had. I had a good plate of those fries. They were crispy and tasty. I can't wait until next week's fries and burgers. I do know that tonight there will be chicken fingers at the V Dub. After eating the amazing lunch, we went outside. Angie, Michelle, Maria, Cynthia, Izabel, Muang, Jessie, Paraskevi, Magaly, and I were all outside. Maria and I played a good game of Speed. We alternated winning and losing, and in the end it was a tie. Jessie did play with us as well. During one our first matches, I won by mere luck because I found my number first. It was a fun game, and I'm looking forward to a big game of cards, like Spoons.

Queen Question
Articulated, Amazing, and Apple Allie
Coming back to the classroom, we all separated into two groups. I was with group two with Jennifer. Everyone else in group one was with Dean Almandrez. During this part of class, we were given two topics and had to choose one to talk about. We had 1 minute to prepare our speech and off we went. All of our speeches were fun and deep. Some topics were about legalizing gay marriages, the representation of women in the media, and global warming. To be honest, Allie probably had the best speech. In my opinion, she was smooth and motivational. She had great volume and I was able to feel conversational with her. Her topic was similar to the representation of women. After the speeches, there were questions for people to answer and those who were in the audience could do a positive recap on the speaker. When I went, which was after the amazing Allie, my topic of choice was the representation of women in the media. It was that or explaining the lyrics to "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. Jennifer called me in when the minute was over and I walked in sexy. Why? Well I was trying to portray how women are portrayed in the media, sexy. I began to talk about how anime show women with big boobs, and how unlikely that is compared to reality. I was very motivational, in accordance to some people. Sarita even said that I engaged her in my speech, and that made me feel good. The positive comments from my peers made me feel good because they accept how crazy I am. Jennifer even agreed with everyone that I am a motivational speaker, but said that I should slow down a bit. I really like this part because I was able to feel comfortable speaking to everyone and hear some feedback.

Another Amazing Worksho

Don't mess with us anytime soon. 
At 6 PM, the NEMOW cohort met Jenny at the lounge of the Perkins Hall. Some of us decided to go to the indie concert tonight, starring KONGO, a South American alternative rock band. Maria, Yeonsoo, Magaly, Angie, Stephanie, Cynthia, Izabel, Jenny, and I decided to go to the concert, but first we needed food. Since Yeonsoo had gone home earlier, because of her eye, she was really hungry. All of us decided to eat at Soban, a Korean BBQ restaurant. It was a pretty small place, but I was craving a home cook meal. I got chicken katsu, while everyone else got their own dish. It was a huge dish, for $11.99, and I was able to finish it. MISSION SUCCESS! We all shared food with one another which made me liked the dinner more. After eating a fulfilling meal, we all went to the concert. There were pretty steep hills and I almost finished my 32 oz. bottle. I was a bit thirsty, and tired at the same time. With a bit of walking we ended at Waterplace Park, a beautiful park in my opinion. Jenny didn't know where the real concert was located, but we all suggested to follow the music. On our way to the concert, with our supernatural hearing skills, we passed state house. It was very beautiful, and we took a lot of pictures. The concert was PACKED. There was no where to see the performers, so we all decided to go to the back of the stage. It was fun to just hang out, and leave the school campus. Being able to bond with everyone was nice. We did get to hear one song from KONGO, and that's because Jenny suggested us to leave. Providence, RI has perfect weather because with a tank top and shorts, I was able to be warm. We all decided, by majority vote, to walk back to our dorms. It was a steep walk up the hill, but Maria and I were exercising. After climaxing up the hill, we all decided to go shopping. Then we all headed to our dorms, when we finished window shopping, and were dancing to music. Thanks to Theo, I know a new dance move. I promise you that you will see it one day.
Picture with Pokemon Fans

Today was a great day to go out. It's finally the last day of this school week, and I know that by next week a lot of hearts will be broken. Today, we found our own professional photographer, the one and only Stephanie Wang. She is amazing, and will be the star of our show. Please welcome the new member to our family.
Competition for our Photographer

It's not just Heaven, it's Gourmet Heaven

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