Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Feeling At Home

I thought I'd be use to the time difference by now but I'm not. It's very hard to wake up at 6:30 AM here in Providence when at home it's barely 3:30 AM.This morning I was awaken by YeonSoo, which was great. I had the chance to get dressed on time and be outside my dorm to meet the other young ladies. At 8:15 AM my cohort and I headed to breakfast at a place called the "V-Dub" (which is the only dining open all week long). I ate a french toast with syrup, scrambled eggs, small cut sausages, and a apple juice. I was then ready to head to my Listening Skills class in Smith-Buonanno 106. I arrived early along with the other girls so we got to choice seats. It was very tough staying awake when my bodies trying to fall asleep. The Leadership class was instructed by Kisa Takesue. She helped give a positive environment in the classroom she taught us about close ended questions and open ended questions.What they basically meant is that open ended questions are conversations that can go forever and close ended questions simply end very easily. I also learned how to give positive and negative gestures to people who speak to me. Basically negative gestures would be perhaps looking at your watch while someones speaking, ignoring them in an easier way.
Here goes the majority of the Brown II cohort with out instructor of the day.

I had the chance to go to lunch early since my morning class was next to the "V-Dub" dining. I had the chance to finally make my own chicken burger like I've seen others do but I never got there on time for it. I had the chicken burger with fries and chips. It was a very delicious lunch along with a Coca-Cola. After my lunch i went to see a street vendor who makes bracelets out of leather, and I bought one for seven dollars which wasn't bad for his fine art. Soon after i got my bracelet I headed to the Watson Informational Center.
                                                         My delicious lunch.

 I went to the room CIT 119 for my Women & Leadership class where Dean Almandrez was our instructor, The class talked about The cycle of socialization in groups of four. The cycle of socialization is basically what us people describe ourselves as, regarding gender, race, ethnicity, income, disability, religion, and sexual orientation. After speaking on that topic we were all given a card from a deck of cards and were instructed to find the other pair and sit with them so we can talk. Between the two people we were told to have someone be A and someone be B. Then we were told to ask the following questions to each other , "Who are you?" , "Who do you pretend to be?", and "Who do you think I am?". It was very interesting to hear from my partner since shes from a whole different part of the US. I learned a lot from her I even almost broke down going into details about who I was and of my experiences. It's amazing how many conversations were going on in the classroom. I felt like I was at home just because everyone was so talkative and understanding. Dean Almandrez sure knows how to get us to participating and being more open about topics we talk about.

After my Women & Leadership class I headed to my dorm where I began reading my readings for tomorrows class, its honestly helpful to read before hand. Around 5:15 PM my Brown cohort met in front of our dorm with our chaperon Jenny to head off to The Duck and Bunny Cafe. It sounded very weird but they have the best cupcakes ! Probably the best on campus! I got a carrot cupcake with a Cola drink. It was a perfect time to tell Jenny about what we thought about our class she was very happy for us.
My amazingly delicious carrot cake and Cola.

 After the Cafe we headed to the "Ratty" dining where we went to have dinner. We didn't like the dinner because it had simple extra salted steak with rice. Today's dinner was awful I didn't like it at all so i left to my dorm to began getting rest. I'm now not as tired as I was yesterday and I'm getting use to talking to other people and getting to know them i can't wait to learn about gender and sex tomorrow !

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  1. Ugh! Ratty salted steak and rice :( Looking forward to hearing about what you learn about tomorrow