Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Missing Piece Found

Three days into this week and I have already changed a lot about the way I think and interpret things in the world around us. After this course, I strongly believe that I will no longer see anything the way I used to see it --you really can't just turn your back and not take action after taking this W&L course.

Many people might interpret that perhaps this course is used to convince young, vulnerable girls into thinking that their gender is better or maybe that girls should take over the world. But in reality, why can't we all be just equal? Just the same. Just a human being. Just.
Brown representation
Everything doesn't always revolve around gender either; everything plays a key role in why a person might think a certain way. I can get into a whole conversation about this and much more AND be comfortable with myself explaining my perspectives when before it was a whole other story. I always thought that having conversations were always kind of awkward and that is not the case at all. 

I have also changed my personality in a way that I can start a conversation now and actually keep it going without it being awkward. I am encouraged to speak my mind and for many years , I have been under a pressure or influence and held at a kind of expectation because of the way I am supposed to act. I am just as capable as any other human being and I appreciate this course for opening my eyes about this. 

I cannot ignore what is happening in the world around me and I am also a lot more aware about the world I was placed on. I am inspired and I will never go back from this point. I just can't because I have a need inside of me, a need to learn and learn more. I want to experience what the world has for me and make mistakes along the way because that is the only way I will understand and rise above it.

 Also, to make things very clear, this program's intentions is not to contradict or counter argue everything I know or was taught. They are not brainwashing me or in any way trying to change my values and then somehow transform me into a whole other person. They tell both sides and both stories and site evidence, facts, and examples. YOU are the one who then decides what is true and right. Why not empower empowerment?

The missing piece that I so desperately needed was to be assured that I am on the correct path to self discovery. I needed to hear that I am, and always be, a whole person and will not tolerate to be not seen as anything less than that. If we all work together and help one another, the more power we will have. And we all know that anyone with power can shape the way we all think for the better or worse. My missing piece is found. 

Woman must not accept; she must challenge.
She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her;
she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.
~ Margaret Sanger ~
Power to the women

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