Friday, July 25, 2014

Public Speaking!!! It's Like Debate Again!

Public speaking is a part of life that many are afraid of, they are afraid of what the audience thinks or the fact that everybody is looking at them.  Either way there is a fear or public speaking, some can conquer or others cannot but to be a good leader a person must learn the art of public speaking.  In our morning class we went over the basics of public speaking taught by an amazing professor, Professor Madden. She went over the dues and don’ts of a speech, keep eye contact, diminish filler words and to speak slowly. Those are the main parts of the speech we need to remember. Then there was a small lecture on how to answer questions that can be thrown at people but doesn’t matter what question is thrown at a person the person just has to stay calm and collective. If you don’t have an answer just say that you’re not sure but you will look into it and come back to it, then make sure you come back to the question. Public speaking workshop was our morning and going to lunch where Maria and Thao decided to play a card game called Speed, well I had to play but regular Speed is a little different from Sign Language Speed so I lost but I am determined to beat both Thao and Maria.
Thao shuffling 

Speed Lunch!
After lunch our Public Speaking workshop continued but we practiced instead. We split into two groups and I was outside with Dean Almandrez, we practiced a type of speech called impromptu. This type of speech that you are given several topics, pick one and then you are given a 1-3 minutes to prepare for the speech and have to present a 5-8 minute speech. For us we were given 1 minute to prepare and had to deliver a 3 minute speech.  Listening to the speeches some of these girls made was amazing; I truly enjoyed listening to their different ideas on a variety of topics.   This activity lasted us the whole class, so it was fun to do something different it reminded me of debate season again.  

Public speaking we all can do it
After class my roommate Paraskevi and I decided we deserved a little pampering, so we decided to get our nails done. Then be good, productive students, go back and work on our action plan. We will be working on our action plan all night so wish us luck!
Everybody deserves a little pampering

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